Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

TRAILS: Singletrack, Singletrack and more Singletrack!

Our sweet singletrack trails are a result of thousands of cumulative hours of work every season. Originating from a handful of local mountain bike enthusiasts in the late 1990’s, the more formally organized Copper Harbor Trails Club now has nearly 200 members who support the Club’s efforts through both volunteer and monetary contributions, in addition to a solid base of business sponsors/donors.

Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours, Copper Harbor

TRAILS: Logging roads, two track and a bit of singletrack.

Explore the uninhabited tip of Michigan and area surrounding Keweenaw Point. We will visit remote Lake Superior shoreline including the Nature Conservancy’s preserve at Horseshoe Harbor and “Lands End” at Highrock Bay. We will climb a bluff over 700 feet for a panoramic view of “the tip”, Manitou Island and Lake Superior from the top. A spin on rolling logging roads and a bit of singletrack will loop us into the decent back into Copper Harbor. Get to the Point!

TRAILS: Downtown streets, gravel path

Get to know downtown Copper Harbor through it’s history! Geared for the beginner biker, those who don’t want to brave the more advanced trail system, or simply those who want to learn more about Copper Harbor’s history- this relaxing and family fun tour is just for you. Local history topics include lake shipping, the start of mining, navigational aids, and early settlement to the region. Choose between comfort bikes, cruiser bikes, or bring your own.