Take a Digital Detox Vacation with These Outdoor Activities

Take a Digital Detox Vacation with These Outdoor Activities

Article Courtesy of  Kayak Guru’s Mark Armstrong

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” ―Gertrude Stein, novelist and poet

Our souls are desperate to connect with the organic world. Where trees, grass, soil, and water are great teachers. The entire planet has given us a playground full of outdoor activities, where we can detox from our digital devices and be one with nature. 

Research has shown there can be psychological and physical damage from overuse of technology that dominates much of our existence. The expectation of instant gratification, narcissism, distraction, vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain are all associated with spending too much time in front of a screen.

Good news though, head north. Mother Superior (aka Lake Superior) is calling you to the Upper Peninsula where digital detox vacation outdoor activities are available everywhere, particularly here on the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Copper harbor, Michigan. From kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, camping, hiking, and of course mountain biking, too. These are all great outdoor activities we can do to have an unplugged vacation and mentally detox from our need to be stronger, bigger, and faster in our everyday lives. And just to highlight a few….


Outdoor Activity #1. Go Kayaking

digital detox vacationCopper Harbor offers an array of Lake Superior sea kayak guided tours to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed.

The waters can be a very serene environment to detach from the Monday to Friday grind. Putting your paddles into cool liquid and navigating around a large body of water with a group of friends can be the off-the-grid vaca you need. (Though, looking for something a little more rigorous and challenging? You can kayak rapids for a workout as well.)

digital detox vacationOutdoor Activity #2. Give Standup Paddle Boarding a Try (SUP)

Another watersport that is soothing to the spirit is paddleboarding. Just as kayaking, you can glide, while standing atop a board with a paddle and you might find you prefer supping. There are a number of scenic inland lakes to choose from in and around Copper Harbor, whether  you plan on adventuring for a short or more lengthy paddle. Additionally, thanks to its width and flat design, some people do yoga on their boards. Because you are standing, you can develop balance, and you get a full-body workout.  

digital detox vacationOutdoor Activity #3. Take a Hike – or simply a walk about the harbor.

Commitments to kids being in school, full-time work, and pets can bog us down so much that getting away to camp or go fishing may be nearly impossible. A simple way to immerse yourself in nature is to go for a hike anywhere you can — and in the Keweenaw Peninsula the hiking options are endless! Though even just a 20-minute WALK in downtown Copper Harbor do wonders to lift your mood. Getting fresh air and looking out on the landscape of the good earth can  help bring down stressors we feel day-to-day.


Last but not least, make sure you are prepared to engaged in any of these digital detox vaca outdoor activities, by wearing the proper clothing, sunscreen, lip balm, and any necessary gear and equipment when you get out there and merge with the serenity of nature to help calm the mind

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  • Don Savage
    Posted at 08:52h, 07 June

    These activities are certainly sweet for detoxing. Hate the pandemic.