Double Digit Downed Trees: Prep for SPRING Clean Up!

Double Digit Downed Trees: Prep for SPRING Clean Up!

By Staffer Heather Brinegar

Check your calendars! It is spring and less than six weeks until Memorial Day Weekend’s Ride the Keweenaw, kick-off to the summer riding season! WOO HOO! Okay, I know when you look at these pics, out the window, and at what the weather has been up to (i.e. at least another foot fell this past weekend), it seems more like winter is settling back in. It really will happen though! The snow will go and we’ll be happily riding our beautiful Copper Harbor trails, trying to outpace the determined black flies and mosquitoes!

As I snowshoed Stairway to Heaven, Der We Went, Ma Maki, Here We Go, Dza Beet, and Downtown about a week and a half ago, so many thoughts came to mind… “Dang there’s still a lot of snow on these trails!”… “Wow, how stunningly gorgeous the views are from up here!”…”I wish I was riding my bike, because this is a long snowshoe!”….and of course, ”There are a lot of trees down across our trails!” 

Anyway, if the two-to-three plus feet of snow stubbornly clinging to our trails is too much to bear, go sharpen your chainsaws, dust off your work boots, and go find that missing work glove. That snow will inevitably melt and we will need all hands on deck to get our beloved Copper Harbor MTB trails ready for another exhilarating season of flying through the Keweenaw, conveniently located at the end of the earth…

Stay tuned for your opportunity to help on the trails! Volunteer work days to come!!

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