Five Awesome Shots Sea Kayaking Lake Superior!

Best Places to Kayak in Michigan: Lake Superior & Keweenaw Peninsula

Five Awesome Shots Sea Kayaking Lake Superior!

Copper Harbor is located on the Keweenaw Water Trail, which is located on a stretch of Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake and a world-class sea kayaking destination. The trail is an established route designed from a paddler’s perspective that facilitates the circumnavigation of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Unique to this trail is the ability to paddle a loop and return to your point of origin without backtracking.

1) Agate Harbor Lava Flows

This may look like a Hawaii, but it’s actually a birds-eye-view of the lava flows, reefs and “arch rock” being explored on our Half Day Agate Harbor Paddle.

Sea Kayaking Lake Superior: Copper Harbor Kayak Tours

2) Sunset on Porter’s Island

Sunsets are always a special delight on the big lake… this one here captured by a customer on our 2.5 hour Porter’s Island Paddle.

Best Places to Kayak in Michigan: Lake Superior & Keweenaw Peninsula

3) Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

For lighthouse-lovers, both the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse (pictured here during our Full Day Eagle Harbor to Copper Harbor Paddle) and the Copper Harbor Lighthouse are fantastic sites right out of the history book!

Upper Peninsula Kayaking in Lake Superior


4) Montreal Falls on Lake Superior

Taking a pit stop on at the foot of the Montreal Falls cascading into Lake Superior, our destination on the Full Day Bare Bluff Paddle.

Kayaking Vacations in Michigan's Lake Superior

5) Caves in Isle Royale

A kayaker explores an ancient coastal cave upon the largest island in the largest lake, Isle Royale National Park on our Multi-Day Isle Royale Tour.

Sea Kayaking adventures in Lake Superior: Keweenaw Peninsula

Need a Tour Guide? – Our knowledgeable staff will guide you along uninhabited islands, lava flows & reefs, finger bays and sea caves!


How about a Surf’n’Turf Adventure? – Experience the best of both worlds, paddling and pedaling! Prepare your senses for uninhabited Lake Superior shoreline, mountain top vistas with panoramic views, scenic inland lakes, streams, rivers and waterfalls, towering cliffs, sugar sand beaches and the creatures who inhabit the woods and the Lake.


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OUR MISSION (since 1999): To be the hub for human-powered recreation in Keweenaw County by providing essential goods and services that connect people with awe and respect to the Keweenaw Peninsula – ultimately contributing to the region’s well-being through education, stewardship, conservation and sustainable tourism.


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