Have you heard? – Keweenaw Adventure Company is “For Sale”

Have you heard? – Keweenaw Adventure Company is “For Sale”

“Reach for the sky!”
“Follow your dream!”
“Good things are happening!”

These were undoubtedly common sayings running through the head of Sam Raymond when he went out-on-a-limb at the young, idealistic age of 30 and became proprietor of the Keweenaw Adventure Company (KAC) in 1998. That was the last time KAC was on-the-market — now, flash forward over two decades.

Copper Harbor Mountain Biking

Sam’s first year as KAC’s owner – 1999.

“What a long strange trip it’s been,” Sam quoted in a 25th Anniversary Blog. He went on to write about his bold, adventurous life-transition to purchase the company, “I had the hair-brained idea of bringing my passion for mountain biking to Copper Harbor in an attempt to make a living there. I had fallen in love with mountain biking when living near Vail, Colorado after college, though as Shelby (my partner in life and in business) says, ‘Your heart was in Colorado and your soul was in the Harbor.’… I’m happy to report that both my heart & soul are now in the Harbor.”

And once Sam and Shelby find the next owner for the business, it is in the Harbor their hearts & souls intend to stay for a new life chapter. In fact, What are you guys going to do? is one of the most frequently asked questions when someone learns of the sale, and here are a couple other FAQs…

Why are you selling?

First and foremost, rest assured Sam, Shelby and their stellar staff are here to deliver your next adventure as long as they continue to hold the reins. There is no great sense of immediacy for the sale. In fact, the official announcement of the sale was made a few years ago and left to spread through basic word-of-mouth. After that, in 2019, a small for-sale-sign was posted in the shop’s window. This blog post via e-newsletter now represents the next progression of outreach to prospective buyers, as it’s hoped someone who has a connection to the business — and of course to Copper Harbor — presents themselves as an interested party.

Keweenaw Adventure Company Shop

The shop when Sam purchased it in the fall of 1998.

From KAC’s humble beginnings, Sam and Shelby are proud to have established KAC as a successful business while fulfilling its mission along the way: To be the hub for human-powered recreation in Keweenaw County by providing essential goods and services that connect people with awe and respect to the Keweenaw Peninsula – ultimately contributing to the region’s well-being through education, stewardship, conservation and responsible tourism.  

Keweenaw Adventure Company Office

The “KAC Campus” today.

Additionally, as noted in aforementioned blog, “Through patience and persistence, awesome employees and legions of loyal customers… KAC continues to grow and improve with each passing season.” Astonishingly, despite the tumultuous times of COVID-19 (see our COVID-19 Response for Safety) this past summer experienced unprecedent record-breaking growth. (Learn more on our Final Day of the Season Blog.)

With this there is significant untapped potential of expansion for retail, rentals and tour offerings — not to mention the anticipated surge of mountain bikers to the region with the projected doubling of the trail system in the upcoming years. All this makes for an opportune time to pass on the legacy of an established turn-key operation. KAC has a proven business model for success and is set to be all-systems-go for new ownership to take it to the next level.

What’s the price?

Based on the current trend of growth, Sam and Shelby believe this to be an exciting opportunity for a future owner. And to ensure the continued success of the business, they would be open to working in collaboration with the new owner(s) to facilitate management and staff training, operations, etc. in effort to guarantee a successful transition of the company.

There are a few different scenarios of purchase, one involving the sale of just the business and a couple others including various properties. If you are seriously interested in learning more about the sale, please complete an Interested Parties Questionnaire. (NOTE: The sales price is only being shared with pre-qualified buyers.) 

Otherwise, if you have a specific question related to the sale, please reach out to: info@keweenawadventure.com

Partners in business and in life, Sam Raymond and Shelby Laubhan smile at another successful season under their belts and anticipate their next life chapter once they’ve found the “right buyer” for Keweenaw Adventure Company.


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