Isle Royale – Open Water Dreaming

Isle Royale – Open Water Dreaming

Paddling east along The Palisades near Blake Point

Paddling east along The Palisades on a Monday afternoon | Blake Point, Isle Royale


Ever hop into a kayak instead of a car at daybreak—on a weekday? Would you like to? Imagine spying a moose on your lunch break, exploring a trail through the woods, and ending the day by chowing down on a hearty stir fry thrown together on a camp stove. No timers on this Island, or buzzing or beeping. Zero incoming emails or text messages. The closest thing to a distraction might be the call of a loon accompanying the waves lapping at the shore.

Moose Sighting | Merritt Lane

Moose sighting | Merritt Lane, Isle Royale

When was the last time you went to bed exhausted—not mentally so, but physically? Smiling, laughing, enjoying the sounds of nature with good friends, a hot meal, feeling flat out tired and loving every moment of it. Working for all but a handful of weeks each year is a reality for many, and sometimes we all need to slow down, escape the ordinary, and reflect what it is we’re living for. If you’re the adventurous type, and would like a taste of the outdoors, then think about trading one week of your summer for something a little more fulfilling. Many things—like Lake Superior’s weather—are beyond our control, but as your guide, I can guarantee fresh air, spectacular scenery, and a chance for you to reconnect with your inner adventurer. I can also promise that you won’t get stuck in any traffic jams on Isle Royale!  And never once have I heard anyone wish they could check back with the office while camping next to the shore of Lake Superior.

Stir Fry and sending an 'OK' back to the shop | Duncan Bay, Isle Royale

Stir fry and sending an ‘OK’ back to the shop | Duncan Bay, Isle Royale

It’s officially spring, and although the Big Lake is still frozen over, I’ve been switching gears and preparing for the coming season at the KAC. While I’m far from trading my ski poles for paddle blades, it doesn’t hurt to dream about summer a bit. Scrolling through photos and reliving the moments they captured reminds me that warmer months will come eventually. This eventuality is a good thing: as of late my memories of open water have started to feel less like memories and more like well-worn dreams. The thought of guiding, paddling, and camping along the shores of Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula ought to remedy this stubborn case of lingering-winter blues.

Learn more about our trips and 2016 schedule, including our Early Bird Special (i.e. book your trip by April 15th, and receive a 10% discount).

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Daybreak | Tookers Island

A weekday morning | Tookers Island, Isle Royale

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