4 Reasons Why Kayaking the Keweenaw Peninsula is Michigan’s Best Kept Secret!

4 Reasons Why Kayaking the Keweenaw Peninsula is Michigan’s Best Kept Secret!

The much acclaimed Pictured Rocks cliffs are often what comes to mind to travelers venturing into Pure Michigan’s great outdoors and to Lake Superior’s shores. Yet, Pictured Rocks has grown so much in popularity that we thought we’d let Michigan adventure seekers in on an equally awesome kayak option. Read on to discover more about the less well-known waters of the Keweenaw Peninsula and the stunningly scenic trips that Keweenaw Adventure Company can guide you on!

1. Fewer Crowds to Contend With

As a premier paddling destination in the mid-west, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore has experienced an exciting newfound popularity over the last half-decade. However, only a lucky small percent of Pictured Rock goers make their way a bit further northwards, to discover the solitude and breathtaking sights of the well-preserved Keweenaw Peninsula. As the northernmost shoreline of the United State’s mainland and with the designated Keweenaw Water Trail encircling it, the Keweenaw Peninsula can be considered a world-class sea kayaking destination.

2. A Geologist’s Paradise

The Keweenaw Peninsula (also known as the Copper Island) has a fascinating geologic story, which is apparent when kayaking the dramatic coastlines and clear blue waters. One billion years ago it was the site of large magma oceans, the deposition of which became the world’s largest native copper deposit.  The Keweenaw hosts the Greenstone lava flow (the largest lava flow on Earth!), the Copper Harbor Conglomerate (an impressive billion year old alluvial fan) and some of Earth’s oldest fossils – stromatolites!

3. It’s a Family Affair!

A family kayaking tour is a great choice for exploring the sights and history of Keweenaw, and the Keweenaw Adventure Company offers beginner guided kayaking tours that are suited for the whole

 family. Enjoy a beautiful afternoon or spectacular sunset, during an easy introductory Porter’s Island Paddlehave assurance with the Keweenaw Adventure Company’s nearly two and a half decades of experience, excellent safety record and highest percentage of 5-star Trip Advisor reviews among all regional competitors.



4. Full Range of Options

If up for a longer sea kayak adventure, Keweenaw Adventure Company offers half-day and full-day tours and Isle Royale multi-day trips, too! 

Additionally, customers are offered the choice between state-of-the-art single and tandem (two-people) kayaks and are equipped with all gear and equipment, including the use of a wetsuit, which is an essential piece of safety gear that not all outfitters require. Keweenaw Adventure Company provides more than just a guide and outfitter; they become a meaningful and memorable part of your get-away-from-it-all experience!



What To Bring For Your Kayaking Adventure with the Keweenaw Adventure Company:

  • synthetic top such as polyester, polypropylene or capaline. Fleece is great for cooler days or evenings. Cotton should be avoided.
  • Shorts or a swimsuit that a wetsuit can be slipped over.
  • Water-shoes or sandals. Participants can choose to go barefoot if they desire. Shoes with laces are not allowed!
  • Hat for shade when it’s sunny. A cap for warmth if it’s cool.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Drinking Water – a pint is sufficient for most.
  • Camera – take advantage of the many photo opportunities while on ‘da Big Lake!




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