Labor Day Weekend SHUTTLE SCHEDULE!!

Michigan Outdoor Adventures: Mountain Bike & Airport Shuttle

Labor Day Weekend SHUTTLE SCHEDULE!!

Mountain Bike Shuttles

Take a lift to the top!
“Respect the van!”

Unlimited drop-off to ~16 miles of intermediate/advance trails, including ALL of the Brockway Trails (Flow/Daisy Duke, Garden Brook, Woopidy Woo, Raptor Ridge and On The Edge) and the Mountain Lodge down-bound trails (e.g. Red Trail, Dancing Bear, Mango, Simeh, Dza Beet, Say Hello, Ma Maki, Paul’s Plunge). 

Bell’s Beer Copper Harbor Trails Festival
Labor Day Weekend shuttle service schedule: 

*Friday, Sep. 3 – 2pm to 7pm

*Saturday, Sep. 4 – 1pm to 6:30pm
(no access to Red Trail or Say Hello/Ma Maki until after 2:00pm. No access to Red Trail/Dancing Bear between 4:00-5:30pm)

*Sunday, Sept. 5 – 1pm to 6:30pm
(no access to west Woopidy until after 1:30pm)

*Monday, Sept. 6 – 10am to 2pm (Labor Day Special  $30)


Wondering about a Trail Status Update and Shuttle Access Points? Read about such here

Please note, our shop will be open:
Friday – 10am to 7pm
Saturday – 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 6pm
Monday – 10am to 2pm

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