Pure Michigan Writers “Adventure Blog”

Pure Michigan Writers “Adventure Blog”

In July our guides had the opportunity to host a dozen professional writers, working for the Pure Michigan campaign. They ventured out on our most popular sea kayaking tour, the Porter’s Paddle, and also hit the trails on our Copper Harbor Single Track Mtb. Tour.

The writers, in return are now sharing about their adventures encountered in their own “Adventure Blog!” (click on their hyperlinks below)…

The Adventure Blog – Pure Michigan: Mountain Biking on the Upper Peninsula

“… don’t expect reliable cell phone service, speed Internet, or much in the way of amenities. What you should expect is some of the most down to Earth people that you could ever meet, an abundance of great outdoor activities, and plenty of adventure.”stairway climb

“When you conjure up dreams about what a perfect mountain bike ride through a forest should be like, it will resemble what is found in the hills above Copper Harbor. Fast, demanding, wild, and fun.”


Pure Michigan: Kayaking Lake Superior

“… everyone was feeling comfortable in the cockpit of their kayak, and we soon rounded the edge of the island, with nothing but open sea off to our side. Moving away front he relatively safety of the shoreline gave you a sense of just how vast Lake Superior truly is, as once you passed beyond Porters Island, water stretched unbroken to the horizon. It was an experience that was both exhilarating and humbling at the same time.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.38.08 PM“The trained staff at the Keweenaw Adventure Company will provide you with all of the skills and equipment necessary to head out on the water for a fun adventure. They will ensure that you stay safe at all times, and sea kayaking on Lake Superior is a safe, fun introduction to the sport. It is also a beautiful destination to enjoy a paddling excursion as well.”


Mountain Biking the Copper Harbor TrailsAP-CopperHarborBiking-4

“If you don’t have your own bike, the Keweenaw Adventure Company is the ideal starting base. It’s located in Copper Harbor and has trail maps, rental bikes, helmets, and a shuttle to get you up the mountain.”

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