SOLD! – Now Under New Ownership

SOLD! – Now Under New Ownership

Yes, it’s true! The rumors are rumors no more, as you’ll now have heard it from the horse’s mouth – Keweenaw Adventure Company (KAC) has a new owner!

If any curiosities about the transition of ownership are not addressed here, of course please be in touch. Would surely love to hear from you!

FAQ’s on the Sale of the Business:

Who’s the new owner?
Raymond Landsberg first encountered the the Upper Peninsula as an Eagle Scout, and it was love at first sight. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, he routinely visited the Keweenaw over the past couple decades and dreamt about making it his home. A bit of a Renaissance Man, Raymond built a career in environmental chemistry, while simultaneously sporting a diverse background in the world of arts & culture, gardening, cooking, antique dealing and even historical home renovation. Specializing as both an entrepreneur and volunteer in many arenas, his work ethic is “hand-on” and “can do,” plus the essence of “community” is often at the heart of his motivation. As the new owner of Keweenaw Adventure Company, Raymond intends to build upon Sam and Shelby’s foundation, and without a doubt will take it to the next level. READ RAYMOND’S BIO!

Will the company stay the same?
Sam and Shelby are incredibly excited to introduce Raymond as someone they feel to be an idealistic new owner.  He plans to take the reins and keep what’s working going and, in time, upgrading/expanding opportunities not yet tapped. He is coming into ownership with a fresh and innovative perspective that ought to fuse brilliantly with the solid base he has to build upon. What’s more, there’s the incredible good fortune that the “KAC Pack” will in large part remain the same-same for 2022, as the majority of last season’s stellar staffers have signed up for another season of guiding and facilitating your next adventure. Their level of seniority and professionalism is rather unprecedented and will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the anticipated smooth transition of ownership. READ STAFF BIOS!

Why did Sam and Shelby want to sell?
Sam’s original mission of KAC included an intention of community involvement, economic development and ultimately connecting people to the great outdoors – promoting not just adventuring but also the stewardship and appreciation of the land (and in particular the need for the  conservation of the Keweenaw). That all said, both Sam and Shelby feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction in fulfilling this mission to the best of their abilities, and are ready to pursue other life ambitions and adventures. They feel the future of the company is bright, and that Raymond has the ability to carry on the torch during this exciting evolution of KAC!!

What will Sam and Shelby do next?
In short, they’ve been telling folks that they are “re-wiring”, not retiring – and yes, they will be staying here in their Harbor home. The sale of KAC affords them the opportunity to reassess and reboot. They are anticipating taking a step back, working on their home and yard that have been somewhat neglected, planting a garden, (re)connecting with friends and getting out to enjoy the Keweenaw on foot, bike and boat.  They will continue to manage their Airbnbs – the Adventure Cottage (which will soon undergo major renovations) and Agate Harbor Family Cottage – and also each have their own personal goals and future aspirations to accomplish. In a way, they feel like giddy collegiate graduates with a whole world of new opportunity before them.

Sam and Shelby of course have their valued customers to thank for being such an essential part of their Keweenaw Adventure Company “schooling!” Your cumulative years of patronage and support have helped to launch them into their “Next Chapter” – and they have so much gratitude for each of you (read more from them — and the new Raymond, too — in links below!).



  • peter kowaleski
    Posted at 14:10h, 10 May

    Wonderful next-door-neighbor!! You will be missed!!

    • Shelby Laubhan
      Posted at 20:45h, 10 May

      Thanks, Pete! We’re not going far, still in the Harbor. See ya!

  • Vern Rowe
    Posted at 14:06h, 10 May

    Congratulations Sam and Shelby! Welcome Raymond!

    • Shelby Laubhan
      Posted at 20:44h, 10 May

      Thanks, Vern! We’ll see you about, no doubt!

  • Peg Kauppi
    Posted at 16:07h, 09 May

    So bittersweet 🥰😢. It’s been so wonderful having you two and KAC as our neighbors all these years. Thank you for all your efforts and achievements and always putting Copper Harbor first. Wow!! We’ve come a long way baby!!
    Welcome Raymond…we are so looking forward to a great relationship and seeing what new adventures you have planned for all of us. Happy to have you at the helm in the neighborhood!

    • Shelby Laubhan
      Posted at 13:21h, 10 May

      Yes, yes, ditto on you all being fantabulous neighbors. Thank you for the well wishes!!! 🙂