Chase Flackey

Meet Chase – Bike Mechanic & Shuttle Driver

Howdy! My name is Chase and I’m extremely excited to begin my maiden voyage with the KAC pack, and I look forward to meeting and working with a new group of exciting people. As a mountain bike fanatic, I have done lots of exploring with the outdoor club at UW Madison, Hoofers. As mountain biking chair, I have lead many trips around the country to some of the greatest mountain biking destinations, and on a recent trip to Copper Harbor I fell in love with the trails and the community, prompting me to submit an application to join the crew as soon as I returned to Madison.

I am currently a Junior at UW Madison pursuing my degree in Computer Engineering, and although most of my time is spent working on coursework, when the snow falls I like to get out and snowboard with friends and shred the gnar on the local slopes. I take every chance I get to throw my gear on my motorcycle or in my 4runner and get out to seek adventure. I plan to do whatever I can do to help you find yours!