Rudy Gemignani

Meet Rudy Gemignani – KAC
Isle Royale Sea Kayak Guide

rudy_fishI started heading out into the Isle Royale interior 27 years ago. The island has always been a part of my family’s life in some way. If I remember right, the connection to the island goes back three generations. In my 27 years visiting the park, I have seen and experienced Isle Royale from many different perspectives. I have traveled by canoe, kayak, and boat on the park’s waters. I have seen it as a hiker and more recently as an employee for the National Park Service.  As your guide, I hope to share my knowledge of Isle Royale’s geology, archaeological history, fishing areas, and secret spots.

I enjoy being outside with good people, great food, and the scenic beauty that is Isle Royale. I am excited to share my love of Isle Royale with you as we paddle into all that the island has to offer. I hope my long history on the island will provide you with many unforgettable memories as it has for me. Memories that will last a lifetime.