Shelby Laubhan

Meet Shelby- KAC Administrator/Manager!

Shelby_brockway_500Prior to partnering up with Sam (both in the company and in life!) Shelby’s career involved a diverse decade in the environmental field as a government official and educator, organic farmer and a Peace Corps rural Thailand volunteer.

In addition to being Administrator at Keweenaw Adventure Company (KAC), she does pro-bono work with her Ecoholistic Connections Consulting, through which she advocates how one’s personal health is inseparable from the health of our natural environment. She likes to acknowledge and point out how we are each walking ecosystems, and the Shelby_kayaking_500more biodiversity in both our inner and outer landscape, the better.

Shelby moved to Copper Harbor in the summer of 2012, and can’t fathom living anywhere else. At KAC she can be found juggling her administrator tasks year round, and being a hospitable host in the shop during the summer season.

Staff have deemed her a bit of a “mother hen”, and Shelby gets great joy in tending to her colorful and savvy KAC flock. Organizing the annual Staff Training — and ensuring it is both educational and entertaining — is one of her favorite tasks! That being said, though, tending to and organizing clienteles adventures — ensuring they are getting the best of the best — really floats Shelby’s boat…. as we say at KAC, “Your Adventure Starts Here!” 🙂