Top 7 Reasons to Embark on an ‘Unplugged’ Vacation

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Top 7 Reasons to Embark on an ‘Unplugged’ Vacation

Unplugged Family Vacations

1. Gain a sense of freedom when relieved from the duty of responding to constant rings, tings and bling notifications poking at you. 

While the initial stages of an unplugged vacation, and disconnecting from technology, can certainly throw people off at first (last year I witnessed one millennial experience a true blue panic attack at the realization they had no bars on their cell phone), once settled into the concept there’s a huge sigh-of-relief from not being obligated to constantly reply/like/thumbs-up/heart/etc. It’s, in reality, truly liberating to not be bothered by such!


Off the Grid Family Vacations2. By outright removing cell service, it is simply easier to unplug and avoid screen-time.

While Copper Harbor has plentiful Wifi hotspots, it’s one of last places in the lower-48 where you can experience real unplugged travel. With zero cell service in Copper Harbor – yes you read that right, we have ZERO cellphone service in our tranquil, quiet and safe town – many find that an unplugged vacation here was just what was in order. Without glancing at one’s phone every other minute, one embraces operating on “Harbor Time” to slow down, unplug and reconnect.


Unplugged Vacation3. Reconnect to people.

With a great selection of local outdoor activities, Copper Harbor’s tech-free destination is perfect for hosting off-the-grid family vacations. Our small, northernmost Lake Superior town in Michigan – with its notable sunsets and beautiful wilderness – also makes for ideal vacations for couples to reconnect on a romantic get-a-away or adventure. Additionally, all of Copper Harbor’s motels, resorts, campgrounds (with the exception of Fort Wilkins State Park), shops and attractions are ‘Mom and Pop’ owned and operated, and are served up with a slice of genuine U.P. hospitality.

Unplugged Travel4. Reconnect with nature.

With the screen on the back-burner, relax on a beach on Lake Superior’s shore or reinvigorate with a hike within one of the area’s Parks, nature sanctuaries or preserves. Marvel at the Estivant Pines old growth white pine forest or the volcanic rock formations at Horseshoe Harbor. Boost your adrenaline on a downhill mountain bike run on the world-class trail system, or bid farewell to the day on a spectacular sunset paddle sea kayak tour as the sun drops into Lake Superior. There are few better places for dark skies stargazing or viewing the northern lights than the top of Brockway Mountain.


5. Catch up on lost Zzzzz’s – your insomnia may switch off with the smartphone switched off.

Without the temptation to check what messages you have coming in at all hours of the night, sleep will beckon you to stay lost in dreamland. Here in Copper Harbor, your unplugged vacation will lull you into a restful night of sleep, with the lapping of Lake Superior waves, a call of a loon or owl, a howl of the wild and winds that surrounds you. Let nature tuck you in!


Car Free Vacations6. Don’t worry about losing your car keys, you don’t need ‘em – you can truly enjoy car free vacations.

Essentially ten-blocks by three-blocks wide, with a year-round population of about 100 folks, and a summer time populous that swells to 300, everything in Copper Harbor is so close and easy to access – no cars are necessary. Be f

ootloose and car-free! One can easily walk or bike to the General Store, to the various gift-shops and restaurants, to the parks, a waterfall and the scenic rocky shores and hiking trails along Lake Superior. The trailhead for the world-class Copper Harbor Trail System is right downtown; while an assortment of bike rentals and watercraft rentals, bike tours and sea kayak guided tours, and so much more are available right downtown, too.

Vacations for Couples to Reconnect

7. Studies from leading research institutions claim a reduction in technology can help reduce stress and anxiety, while fostering focus, memory, and clarity.

An unplugged vacation to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula provides a naturally beautiful place to simplify and escape all the day-to-day stressors of the go-go-go lifestyles we live. Explore untouched acres of forest and shoreline. Breathe in some of the cleanest air on earth. With little light pollution, take a load off at the day’s end to star gaze and possibly catch the aurora borealis. And if you are looking to work on creative projects away from distractions, a no cell service vacation in Copper Harbor could serve as an artist residency or writing retreat. Ultimately, disengage from the distraction of technology and allow yourself time for more mindful moments and stress relieving activities.

So… with all that in mind, it’s about time for you to start planning some
unplugged family vacations or some some time to reconnect with your partner.

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