Copper Harbor Singletrack Adventure

Copper Harbor Singletrack Adventure

TRAILS: Singletrack, Singletrack and more Singletrack!

NOTE: This tour may be customized for the beginner, intermediate or expert rider! And if you’re looking for an INTRODUCTORY tour to the trails, our 2.5 hour Singletrack Tour is exactly what you’re looking for!

Our sweet singletrack trails are a result of thousands of cumulative hours of work every season. Originating from a handful of local mountain bike enthusiasts in the late 1990’s, the more formally organized Copper Harbor Trails Club now has nearly 200 members who support the Club’s efforts through both volunteer and monetary contributions, in addition to a solid base of business sponsors/donors.

The Keweenaw Peninsula’s terrain surrounding Copper Harbor is mountainous by Midwestern standards and has some of the highest vertical elevation (up to 900’) between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains! Scoured away by the glaciers over 10,000 years ago, the rocky, rugged terrain of exposed bedrock, spiny ridge-lines and undulating valleys left behind offer a “genuine” mountain biking experience unlike anywhere else in this part of the country.  When combined with the energy and awe of Lake Superior , the enchanted northwoods “Boreal Forest”, cool summer temperatures, surrealistic fall colors and down-to-earth U.P. hospitality, Copper Harbor is a premier destination for a mountain bike vacation which has more recently been regarded as some of the best anywhere in the world!

Our staff will guide you through enchanted forests for a taste of Michigan’s own version of British Columbia type riding. Lots of elevation changes, bridges & boardwalks, rocky, rugged terrain and sweet, flowy-singletrack within an incredibly scenic location will make mountain bike fanatics drool. We will show you the goods and make you hungry for more!

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