Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours, Copper Harbor

2.5 hours (Introductory Tour!)
5 hours
Singletrack, Singletrack and more Singletrack!

Journey through enchanted forests with elevation changes, bridges & boardwalks, rocky, rugged terrain and plenty of sweet, flowy-singletrack.


5 hours
Logging roads, two track and a bit of singletrack

Explore the uninhabited “Lands End” at the tip of Michigan upon rolling logging roads, two track and a bit of single-track.

Copper Harbor Gravity Tour


NEW for 2017 Season!

2.5 hours
5 hours
Gravity, Downhill

Not a climber? Ride jumps, berms, bridges and rocks! With trail difficulty ranging from Intermediate to Expert there are trails for most to ride.


2.5 hours
Downtown streets, gravel path

Get to know downtown Copper Harbor through its history! Geared for the beginner biker and families, or simply those who want to learn more about Copper Harbor’s awesome history.