Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

Michigan Mountain Biking Tours

Guided Michigan Mountain Biking Tours, Copper Harbor

2.5 hours (Introductory Tour!)
5 hours
Singletrack, Singletrack and more Singletrack!

Journey through enchanted forests with elevation changes, bridges & boardwalks, rocky, rugged terrain and plenty of sweet, flowy-singletrack.

5 hours
Logging roads, two track and a bit of singletrack

Explore the uninhabited “Lands End” at the tip of Michigan upon rolling logging roads, two track and a bit of single-track.

Copper Harbor Gravity Tour

NEW for 2017 Season!

2.5 hours
5 hours
Gravity, Downhill

Not a climber? Ride jumps, berms, bridges and rocks! With trail difficulty ranging from Intermediate to Expert there are trails for most to ride.