Interpretive Hiking Tours

Interpretive Hiking Tours

Estivant Pines Hiking Tour (2hr)

Hiking Tours Michigan, Estivant Pines

Investigate an Old Growth Forest – This one and a half mile hike takes you through one of a kind wilderness old growth forest. Walk through groves of 300-400 year old eastern white pine (Michigan’s state tree). Learn the rich history of fire, mining and how the logging was stopped and 504 acres preserved.

Upson Lake / Esrey Park Hiking Tour (2hr)

Upson Lake Hiking Tour

Boreal Forest, Bogs, Beaches and Pine – A beautiful informative hike which traverses a cross section of the Keweenaw’s geology. Hike through a boreal forest, then climb to a northern bog, cross a Lake Nipissing beach and descend into a dry northern pine forest before traversing into a cool northern hardwood forest.

Bare Bluff Hiking Tour (4hr)

Bare Bluff Hiking Tour

WE CAN NOT OFFER THIS TOUR AT THIS TIME DUE TO PRIVATE LANDOWNERS RESTRICTING ACCESS.  Keweenaw’s Most Spectacular Lookout – The longest and most strenuous of the tours, this 3 mile hike is well worth the effort. We take 4 hours to climb to the most spectacular lookout in the Keweenaw. This vista swings from Manitou Island, Keweenaw Point to Bete Gris and Point Isabelle. Hikers should be in good health, with good footwear and plenty of water and snacks. This beautiful forest, rare plant community and unique geology make this a favorite among local hikers.

Montreal River Mouth Hiking Tour (4hr)

Guided Michigan Hiking Tours, Montreal River Mouth

WE CAN NOT OFFER THIS TOUR AT THIS TIME DUE TO PRIVATE LANDOWNERS RESTRICTING ACCESS  A Waterfall to “Wow” You – The Montreal River pushed its way between the lava flows which forms the Keweenaw until it found a crack and a long cascade down to Lake Superior. This three mile hike takes you to the upper falls where the entire river drops 50 foot through a notch in the ridge. Then follow the rivers spectacular run to the Lake. The most remarkable water falls you will ever see!

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... the interpretation of the different ecosystems and geological forces that shaped the Keweenaw Peninsula made me understand and appreciate what I was experiencing much more so than if I was hiking alone. Our guide identified interesting trees, shrubs and herbs explaining their interconnectedness. Hiking through the black spruce bog laced with bill berries was the highlight of the hike! He simply made the Keweenaw come alive!


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