Sit-on-Top Kayak Rentals

Sit-on-Top Kayak Rentals

Sit-on-Top Kayaks rentals are:
  • Available in single and tandem (accommodates two-people) boats
  • Equipped with paddle, life vest (PFD)
  • Are for self-guided use on inland lakes only (this does not include the Harbor, which is still Lake Superior temperatures)
  • No guide or Water Safety Course required
  • Have shuttle delivery available for an additional charge (see locations and pricing below)


Sit-on-top kayaks are exactly what they say – kayaks that you sit on top of! No climbing in and out of a cockpit, simply perch into the molded-in depression on top. Sit-on-tops are excellent for family fun and/or a leisure paddle. They are also often times more accommodating to those with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility.

Round Trip Delivery/Pick Up Fees
to nearby inland lakes (same fee for one or more kayaks):

Lake Fanny Hooe: $25
Lake Manganese: $25
Lake Medora: $80
Lake Bailey: $120
Lac La Belle: $150
Gratiot Lake: $200

The many inland lakes of the Keweenaw offer a variety of opportunities for paddling in a number of scenic and sheltered locations.
      • Lake Fanny Hooe and Lake Manganese are both located within a mile of the Copper Harbor village limits and often times have placid conditions for a leisurely paddle.
      • Lake Medora, just four miles south of Copper Harbor, is a Canadian-like lake that has a number of islands, scenic mountain views and is known to have some good fishing.
      • Lake Bailey, also known as “the donut lake” as seen above from Brockway Mountain, is 10 miles west of Copper Harbor.  This shallow and marshy lake is home to a variety waterfowl and is mostly undeveloped.  The island is publically owned is a good place for paddlers to have a picnic lunch.
      •  14 miles from Copper Harbor, Lac La Belle is one of the largest inland lakes in the Keweenaw and is inhabited with a number of seasonal camps and cottages and is known to have some good walleye, rock bass, perch and northern-pike fishing.
      • Gratiot Lake, which lies at the feet of Mt. Horace Greeley and Mt. Gratiot, contains 1,438 acres and is the largest lake in Keweenaw County. These peaks are the two highest points in the Keweenaw, at 1550 feet and 1490 feet, respectively. Gratiot Lake is at 743 feet, while Lake Superior is at 602.