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Friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, accommodating, awesome! Gateway to exploration. I’ve learned something about the Harbor each time I’ve rode with Sam. Yooper-tastic!, Bodacious, Bombastic, The Original Thriller, Bitchin!, I could do this all day! Thanks for some awesome trails and being such an advocate for the outdoors!

Was across the way [from the Quiet Water Symposium] at the rabbit show today. Just wanted to say that our kayaking trip our family took with your company last summer was the best family trip we’ve taken yet! Thanks so much. So worth the drive…

My fiancee and I did the beautiful sunset sea kayak tour. It was professionally guided and I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting Copper Harbor. No previous kayaking experience necessary.

Rented mountain bikes and an all day kayak trip with Keweenaw Adventure Company. All the equipment was top notch, awesome bikes. Friendly staff. We had a great time on our vacation. Thanks again.

Words cannot describe how awesome this Company, its people, or its amazing trail network. Copper Harbor is the Mecca for midwest mountain biking, and these are the folks to experience it with. From awesome knowledge of the land, experienced mechanics, and big smiles, this is the way to ride the Keweenaw. Shuttling up Brockway Mt. rocking out to Led Zeppelin singing along with smell dirty mountain bikers who think the same way you do… Can’t say enough good things, just GOOOOD!!!!

Awesome group of people who run this place. Ranging from the ladies handling the day to day stuff to the mechanics and drivers of the shuttles. This group really loves to give their customers a good product… 

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Day-Trip Kayakers:

The trip far exceeded my expectations in every way; it has everything! Susan H. Our family visited you in August, and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your accommodating our family and giving us a kayak tour in the harbor!  Our youngest daughter is seven years old, and the Lake Superior waves were pretty high that day, so Jeff took just the four of us on a late afternoon kayak tour in the harbor, and we all loved it!  Jeff is a great guide!  When family and friends asked our daughters about our week long camping trip to the U.P. and Eagle River, the first thing the girls said is “We went kayaking – it was so fun!”  Thanks so much for the great service and experience! Jeff, Jolene, Jena & Julie Truckenbrod

The water of Bete Gris Bay [on the Bare Bluff tour] is gin-clear, and sandstone boulders 20 feet below look as they’re just under the surface. I have the uncanny sense that I’m floating on air. We needle through an obstacle course of red-rock boulders and 50-foot sea stacks sprouting trees from the tops-like giant terra-cotta flower pots. Eventually, we arrive at the mouth of the Montreal River, a wall of amber water roiling furiously into the big lake. We ease in as close as we dare, our boats dipping in the froth. National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Journalist Tina Lassen

Kayaking the great Harbor blue was the perfect retreat and decompression that I needed away from my city days – my guides were cheerful, and enthusiastic about sharing stories and interesting factoids of the region. In fact, the tour was such a beautiful experience (and one of the guides, Sam, was particularly cute) that I actually moved to Copper Harbor! Shelby, KAC Administrator (and Sam’s gal!)

Isle Royale Kayakers:

Mike and I had a wonderful time. We spent our 34th wedding anniversary kayaking on Isle Royale. The scenery was gorgeous – the experience unforgettable. Our guides were great! Cindy and Mike M.

Had an incredible guide.  He went above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe, comfortable and having a good time.  He was sensitive to everyone’s expectations of the trip and to everyone’s varying skill levels and adjusted the trip accordingly.  It was great to go with someone from the area who had a personal relationship with the staff on the island and on the ferry and who had an interest in the geology and history of the island.  He was VERY PATIENT. He trained us well and he also had a great attitude and good sense of humor about the whole endeavor.  We would come back and take another trip based solely on our experience with Ryan. Beth E. & Andy P.

I have been to Isle Royale twice prior to our paddling trip. After kayaking the islands, I feel like I finally saw Isle Royale for the first time. Our guide Don was incredibly knowledgeable. His experience in guiding paddling adventures was obvious. We set ambitious goals and with his help we were able to achieve them. We feel that we visited places on Isle Royale we could have never seen without the help, knowledge and experience Don provided. Thanks for everything you do to make adventures like ours possible! Corey & Dennis Derop

Isle Royale is the perfect paddling location for all skill levels. Our guide had expert skills and knowledge. I felt I was safe at all times. Every campsite had a magnificent view. There’s nothing better than watching the sun set with the boreal forest in the foreground. This experience was everything I was hoping for. Nan B.

I have told dozens of people about my kayak adventure to Isle Royale. I tell anyone who will listen! And, like a new father, I have photos, but they are of water/shore-scapes, sunshine and moose! The lighthouse and fishery “museums” are a great place to visit. Gary Pike  

Mountain Bike Tours:

I rode my motorcycle up to Copper Harbor from Milwaukee and met a few friend. Keweenaw Adventure Company (KAC) provided the means to get a bicycle without having to haul it up on my motorcycle (which would have likely compensated comfort on a beautiful day up north). I had a full-suspension that was nicer than my normal rig and needed but a quick seat adjustment. KAC crew made sure I was happy with the setup. We used the shuttle service and met some super hardcore dudes that offered guidance down the mountain. I passed on the opportunity, but it was very cool of them to ask. Everyone was in a good mood in town and the whole ease of the experience set in after I got home. These guys really like what they do and love to see happy customers. Thanks KAC!!! Summer Visitor, 2014

We pedal south from Raymond’s shop, past the Chapel of Our Lady of the Pines, up an old red-dirt logging road, and into woods spiced with the scent of white pine. He leads me on rolling singletrack, past birches and thimbleberry bushes, beaver ponds and tea-colored creeks. We hop logs and bounce on smooth conglomerate – the Keweenaw version of slickrock. We top a ridge, and Raymond points out the Estivant Pines, a protected patch of old-growth white pine that once blanketed the Upper Peninsula. The trees tower a hundred feet above the surrounding canopy, like circus clowns on stilts. National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Eco-Interpretive Hiking Tours:

Hiking with Charlie was enlightening and thrilling! His interpretation of the different ecosystems and geological forces that shaped the Keweenaw Peninsula made me understand and appreciate what I was experiencing much more so than if I was hiking alone. He identified interesting trees, shrubs and herbs explaining their interconnectedness. Hiking through the black spruce bog laced with bill berries was the highlight of the hike! Charlie pointed out the gradual transition of the white cedar swamp into the black spruce bog and identified bill berries I could eat. Charlie simply made the Keweenaw come alive! Nick Schreiber