Eco-Minded? Paddling Isle Royale is perfect!

Eco-Minded? Paddling Isle Royale is perfect!

Michigan Eco-Tourism: Paddle Isle RoyaleEnvironmentally Friendly Kayaking Vacation in Upper Peninsula MI

Isle Royale Kayaking Vacation: Michigan Responsible Tourism

Written By: JJ Ferrington, Senior Kayak Guide

Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious and/or economically minded? Then we share similar values.

Here at the Keweenaw Adventure Company we take pride in being responsible earth dwellers.  At a time when our collective impact on the earth is being studied and scrutinized, it is important to live an environmentally and economically friendly lifestyle.  We apply that type of lifestyle to not only our daily kayak tours but our overnight Isle Royale Tours as well. (NOTE: Space is limited on these tours, just five participants per tour — save your space and reserve today! Contact Us.)

Entrust us to plan, prepare and lead you on an adventure of a lifetime.  All you need to do is show up! Travelling from a distance? Grab an economy seat on a flight into Houghton International Airport (CMX) on an economy sized airplane, and we’ll even pick you up in our Airport Shuttle! No need for a vehicle of your own. Sustainable Tourism in Michigan Upper Peninsula: Keweeenaw Kayaking

Feel comfortable and confident using top of the line paddling gear or bring your own.  Get ready to eat like royalty with meals expertly prepared over camp stoves using a selection of locally harvested groceries such as produce and fish — not to mention an assortment of wild berries to be foraged.   Experience true off-the-grid camping free of light and noise pollution.  Kayaking Isle Royale is not only a low impact mode of travel, but also allows you to navigate a hand-full of non-motorized designated crystal clear blue waters.  Learn how to follow the principles of Leave No Trace, a set of sustainable guidelines to minimize your impact in the backcountry.  At the end of the trip, the only evidence you’ll have of being on the island is the beautiful pictures on your memory card.

Our Isle Royale Tour provides an authentic backcountry experience on a most exquisite wild island in the Great Lakes region.  Feel content in knowing that the longer you spend out in the wilderness, the more you offset your carbon footprint.


Sea Kayaking in Isle Royale: Eco-Tourism in MichiganNow a little story from the island:

It was the last morning of a four-day kayak excursion and as we waited for the Isle Royale ferry to arrive and carry us back to Copper Harbor, we decided to explore the barrier islands surrounding Rock Harbor.  We paddled up to Raspberry Island and explored the natural bog that makes up a portion of the small landmass.  We continued to paddle down the shoreline zigzagging in between and around smaller, rocky islands.  We floated underneath a bald eagle perched upon the tallest branch on one of the islands and followed it as it flew from one island to another.  We did all this in just about an hour, taking time to say goodbye to the island and snap some final pictures of the trip.  On our way back to the harbor, I noticed something large and shiny sitting on the shore of one of the smaller islands.  Noticing that it was definitely not part of the natural landscape, I paddle over to check it out.  Upon inspection, I noticed that it was a large deflated Mylar balloon of the popular Disney movie Frozen.  I picked it up, stashed it on the back of my kayak and dragged it into the harbor, where I tossed it in a trashcan.  That simple act of throwing away trash that wasn’t mine, was very rewarding and the old saying of “leave it better than you found it” resonated through my mind.

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