Feeling YOUR LOVE for the Keweenaw – THANK YOU!

Feeling YOUR LOVE for the Keweenaw – THANK YOU!

In our most recent e-news and Sam’s last blog, Keweenaw Recreation Enthusiasts Unite – A Call to Action, a story was told about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, “to secure permanent,  public land access for year round, outdoor recreation in Keweenaw County!”

And, no great surprise to us, your response did not disappoint! So far over THIRTY Nomination Forms have been summitted to the DNR from our loyal and enthusiastic customer-base.

NOTE: It’s not too late if you wish to get in on the action… CLICK HERE for what to do… forms can still be submitted throughout March (though the sooner the better)!

With an amazing and determined outreach effort in large part headed up by the Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition — and support from various community partners ranging from other local businesses to non-profits to local governments — undoubtedly the State will be impressed with potentially hundreds of Nomination Forms showing an unrelenting LOVE for the Keweenaw.

With that, we thought it would be fun to share the following excerpts from various Nomination Forms that impressed us so much… Hope you enjoy reading these inspirational notes as much as we did. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!


#13 – Describe why you believe the area is valuable for recreation or resource conservation purposes:

Our family has been recreating in this region for the last half-century, and my husband and I retired to the area just a couple years ago. The magnetic pull of the pristine landscape always brought us back on an annual basis, evidence of the area’s indelible effect upon ones’ constitution and soul. Arguably the purest part of “Pure Michigan” the importance of rolling out the welcome mat for locals (and visitors alike!) cannot be denied — if public access for recreating were to be lost, the incalculable number of lives (and hearts) negatively impacted would be a true tragedy. – Beth N.

This land proposal will not only be vital for recreational purposes, it will help business in entering cities that travelers may stop at while traveling to the Copper Harbor area. With the current pandemic happening, it has people not only in Michigan but all over the country finding a new love for outdoor activities and the need to stay active outdoors to avoid the spread of Covid 19…. It’s only until you lose something and feel the regret of knowing we could have done more to help future generations… – Derek L.

The unique geological and ecological aspects of this land make its preservation important from a scientific perspective as well as social recreation. – Karen O.

As a student at Michigan Technological University I was fortunate to have the Keweenaw Peninsula in my back yard for 4 years. This property will serve as a playground and classroom to area residents, tourists, and students… As an alumni now I travel back to the area 3-4 times per year and look forward to visiting…. – Dyllan W.

COVID-19 has increased our need for outdoor space. The state parks were so crowded last summer. This would be a smart purchase for the DNR. – Mary Ann K.

I once saw a beaver swimming in a lake during a early morning hike in the Keweenaw. I once swam out to the middle of Lake Fanny Hooe and watched a bald eagle circling and diving for fish right over me. The experiences to be had in the Keweenaw are unique and should be made open and accessible to everyone. – Pamela N.

Having these lands for future generation to enjoy the beauty and splendor of one of the gems of the Great State of Michigan…. Outdoor activities are truly one of the best ways to connect with Mother Nature, and each other!! – Bryan M.

Making outdoor recreation areas more accessible also provides increased revenue to Keweenaw County businesses that support outdoor enthusiasts. – Linda P. and Steve K.

I very much enjoy mountain biking at Copper Harbor and additional land for more trails and camping opportunities would bring me back more frequently. – Kelly O.

The peninsula has extensive coastline on the Great Lakes, large tracts of state and national forests, cedar swamps, more than 150 waterfalls, and low population densities. Because of the camping, boating, fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and hiking opportunities, many Lower Peninsula and Wisconsin families spend their vacations in the UP, and tourists visit from Detroit, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, and other metropolitan areas. In addition to the preservation of natural resources and wildlife, please consider the economic impact on the Upper Peninsula area that depends on tourism for revenue generation. – Link Lavey

As a longtime recreational user of the Keweenaw Peninsula the opportunity to protect this land for future generations should not be missed. The uniqueness of this property is unprecedented and preserving this for the general public is a must. – Jim B.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is Michigan’s crown jewel and is experiencing in increase in recreational use as the public become more aware of what it has to offer. Acquiring these acres to add to a patchwork of protected lots will facilitate more ease in access for preservation and respectful public use…. – Haley F.

Access to public lands must be provided at numerous points. Otherwise the public lands are “locked” and become inaccessible. This recommended section of public lands is a classic multi-use section of land. This is what public lands, and access to public lands is truly all about. Think downstream to future generations of public land users…. – Nick M.

As relative newcomers to the Keweenaw Peninsula we have quickly come to appreciate more fully the beauty of the area beyond what drew us here initially… we have been frequent visitors to the “tip of the Keweenaw” enjoying its remoteness and beauty.  We travel out there year round enjoying it during every season.  We believe for the good of the area, the people and the earth overall, this land should be protected for future generations. – Robert P.

Large tracts of continuous forest are becoming more rare all the time due to subdivision of land for private houses and cabins.  Now combine this very large protected area with it’s unique micro-climate created by Lake Superior, it’s numerous lakes, wetlands, and streams, it’s rugged topography and the fascinating geology, and you have a truly special place that warrants protection….  – Kurt L.

Much of the recreation to the UP focuses on areas such as Munising and Marquette due to the large amount of state and federal land with trail access, but this purchase could help the communities nearby experience the same amount of monetary investment from tourism/recreation-folk. It is a naturally beautiful area that is second to none and could seldom be seen by the public if it is split up into private parcels again. – Benjamin K.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is one of the most unique places in the United States with the combination of geology, forest, fauna and water. We moved here without jobs to take advantage of the “embarrassment of riches” that is the natural world in the area. It is not unusual to visit multiple waterfalls, see bald eagles, bears, foxes, coyotes and numerous birds in a short drive through this area of the Keweenaw. This property would provide recreation opportunities for multiple stakeholders that can enjoy the land, from silent sports to hunters to recreational vehicles. – Roger W.

The natural beauty and recreational opportunities of the Keweenaw Peninsula are unparalleled in Michigan.  I make the 600 mile or so journey from the metro Detroit area several times a year to use these resources.  Protecting and expanding this area is an investment in our state’s future…. – Mike H.

…. I care deeply about the natural resources and land that the U.P. has to offer. I make it a point to make multiple trips to Copper Harbor for camping, kayaking, and mountain biking each year. The locals in that town care deeply for their land, and deserve every opportunity to grow and manage the public lands. – Joe H.

The impact of recreating in the Keweenaw during my youth led me to pursue a degree and career in the Environmental Communication & Education field, as my connection to this land inspired me to inspire others. Today I’m incredibly thankful to call Copper Harbor my home, where for the past decade I have facilitated the adventures of tens-of-thousands upon this amazingly diverse and inspirational landscape. As co-owner of the Keweenaw Adventure Company I constantly witness the transformative affect this region grants both locals and visitors alike. Ultimately, the continued access — and expansion of access — is utterly imperative to the future stewardship of not just our special nook of the world, but also for inspiring innumerable visitors to become stewards of the land and environment no matter the local.Shelby L.


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