Season Transitioning with Tradeshows: Summer will soon be here!

Season Transitioning with Tradeshows: Summer will soon be here!

Michigan, and all its glory, is a pretty big state! This past weekend Sam and Shelby journeyed from the winter hinterlands of the Upper Peninsula to what was nearly spring downstate. The ten-hour trek was to attend the 22nd Annual Quiet Water Symposium in East Lansing. It was a most impressive event, with record numbers of cabin-fever struck adventurers anxiously scuttling from exhibit to exhibit, gobbling up perspective copper_harbor_mileage_map-300x245.jpgtrip information.

We certainly appreciate the loyal, downstate KAC Community and our new contacts who took the time to visit with us at our booth. And we anticipate seeing more familiar faces and newbies alike at our next expo outing to the Outdoor Adventure Expo in Minneapolis, hosted at Midwestern Mountaineering, April 28 – 30, 2017.

As we gear up for a fantastic summer season ahead – of awesome sea kayaking, mountain biking, lodging (new to KAC this season) and more – we will continue spreading the good word of “adventure!” Looking forward to seeing you up here – Copper Harbor, it’s worth the trip!


airplane1rgb-150x150.jpgA trip to the Keweenaw is closer than you might think! United Airlines offers daily service with flights from/to Chicago O’Hare & the Houghton County Airport (CMX) during the summer months.  This one hour flight makes the Keweenaw easily accessible to the entire country and beyond with a one-stop connection. Our airport shuttle can be chartered to bring you up to Copper Harbor on the scenic, 40-mile drive from there and back upon your return.

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