Top Five Views from Copper Harbor Trails!

Brockway Mountain: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Top Five Views from Copper Harbor Trails!

Ranked as an IMBA “Silver Level” Ride Center, our trails have a variety and quality of gateway, cross-country, flow and gravity trails – not to mention a mountain bike friendly community, complete with a bike shop and a brewpub!

Copper Harbor’s 30-miles + of sweet singletrack trails are a result of thousands of cumulative hours of sweat-equity every season and include some of the most unique, scenic and thrilling mountain biking in upper Michigan. Additionally, miles and miles of logging roads and jeep trails traverse the uninhabited tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, with access to remote Lake Superior shorelines, State Forest, and conservancy lands, which are a thrill for the more adventurous explorers.

The terrain here is mountainous by Midwestern standards and has some of the highest vertical elevation (up to 900’) between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains! Scoured away by the glaciers over 10,000 years ago, the rocky, rugged terrain of exposed bedrock, spiny ridge-lines and undulating valleys left behind offer a “genuine” mountain biking experience unlike anywhere else in this part of the country.  When combined with the energy and awe of Lake Superior, the enchanted Northwoods “Boreal Forest”, cool summer temperatures, surrealistic fall colors and down-to-earth U.P. hospitality, Copper Harbor is a premier destination for a mountain bike vacation which has more recently been regarded as some of the best anywhere in the world!

Check out our top 5 favorite views from the Copper Harbor trails!

1. Bird’s-Eye View from Overflow’s Gap Jump

Brockway Mountain: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Truly a birds-eye-view from the Overflow’s Gap jump, one of Copper Harbor’s most popular Gravity Trails. (Photo Credit: Hansi Johnson)

2. Boardwalk at On The Edge Trail

Brockway Mountain: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Spiraling downwards, this unique boardwalk is a most recognizable feature of the On The Edge trail. (Photo Credit: Dave Josh)

3. Mystic Cedar Swamp at Keweenaw Point

Keweenaw Point Trail: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Cruising the Keweenaw Point through the mystic cedar swamp upon a boardwalk coming in over 2000 feet long. (Photo Credit: Hansi Johnson)

4. Lady Lake Superior

Lake Superior: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Taking an evening respite on the Harbor House dock overlooking the Harbor the awe-inspiring northern lights. (Photo Credit: Jeff Squires)

5. Brockway Mountain at On the Edge Trail

Brockway Mountain: Mountain Biking in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Thrillingly riding the literal edge of a 200 foot cliff on Brockway Mountain, upon the On The Edge trail. (Photo Credit: Chuck Haney)


Need a Tour Guide? – Whether your a novice or advanced rider, our knowledgeable staff will instruct and guide you through enchanted forests for a taste of Michigan’s own version of British Columbia type riding — lots of elevation changes, bridges & boardwalks, rocky, rugged terrain and sweet, flowy-singletrack.

How about a Surf’n’Turf Adventure? – Experience the best of both worlds, paddling and pedaling! Prepare your senses for uninhabited Lake Superior shoreline, mountaintop vistas with panoramic views, scenic inland lakes, streams, rivers and waterfalls, towering cliffs, sugar sand beaches and the creatures who inhabit the woods and the Lake.

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OUR MISSION (since 1999): To be the hub for human-powered recreation in Keweenaw County by providing essential goods and services that connect people with awe and respect to the Keweenaw Peninsula – ultimately contributing to the region’s well-being through education, stewardship, conservation and sustainable tourism.


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